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Hello. Wonder if someone can help me please. I am researching for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary and they met I. The Nuffield club, Portsmouth. We are creating something special but need to know exactly where it was please. On a map or even better lat and long please. We know it’s now part of Portsmouth university but am trying to locate the building or site please. TIA.


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The Nuffield club is the large triangular shaped building which is on the roundabout near the RN barracks.


Thank you. I am
Going to have to ask my mum more without giving the game away. Thanks. I may get back to you with more details. Thanks

"THEN" = From the local newspaper's Nuffield Club story of 1951, at @Salty-Dog's Post #2.

"NOW" = Taken from a similar, but lower, vantage point just across St Michael's Road showing what is now the University's Medical Center [Courtesy of Google Maps]


Almost directly opposite the RH end of that building stands the former Portsmouth Registry Office, still labelled 'Registry' but housing 'Language Specialist International' within that island of premises largely occupied by miscellaneous U of P Departments.

Perhaps your parents were married there and dodged the traffic straight across to their Reception?

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