Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mattyrock, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. Just a cheeky question that popped in my head.

    What rank in the Engineering Technician trade (Submariner) do you get to work on the Reactor or Trident missiles (depending on your specification)?

    I imagine it's not something you get to do as an able rate?
  2. ET MESM and ET WESM have a huge responsibilty in both trades. So yes you could find yourself working in either sceanario!
  3. As an ET(ME)(SM) the electrical rates (greenies) operate and maintain the reactor electrical side of things, the mechanical ones (clankies) do the mechanical side and these are all at CPO rate.

    It takes a while to get there, once you've finished your trade training, SM training and get your dolphins you'll do a sea draft (2-3 years), you'll then do killicks course and back to a boat for another sea draft, assuming you pick up your PO's, then away for another course and you'll be an Electrical Panel Operator (greenies) or Upper level Watchkeeper (clankies). You then have to qualify in your opposite numbers watchkeeping position, get your Chiefs up, go off for yet another course and then finally join a boat as a Cat B nuclear watchkeeper, Reactor Panel Operator for the greenies and Marine Engineering Artificer of the Watch for clankies.

    If all goes well and each course dovetails with each sea draft it can take about 12 - 13 years to get there these days.

    Before anyone jumps down my throat, that's a perfect career and before they binned tiffs it took about 8-10 years.

    It took me 11 years which included mechs course mainly because everything fell into place as I was going through.

    Edited to add I've no idea about the big cans of instant sunshine because I wasn't involved in that side.
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  4. Thanks Wrecker, that's really helped. The nuclear element is one of a few things that's drawn me to boats, (nuclear power, camaraderie, and submarines generally seeming cool as **** with technology that no other maintenance engineer will ever get to work on). It's what I assumed it would be as I'd expect you'd need to be degree educated or at least a real engineer as supposed to a technician to be responsible for something as intense as a nuclear reactor.
  5. You're not allowed to say **** on here other than Lil's.

    I got the cat for it.
  6. I live life on the edge
  7. If you go ME, (propulsion, power generation and associated systems), you will become a Scientist.

    If you go WE, (strategic nuclear weapons i.e. Mutually Assured Destruction) you will become a MAD Scientist.
  8. Matty, I don't have a degree, neither did any of the RPO's or MEAOW's I served with, the mob trains you up as you go along although ET's get a foundation degree once they get to CPO level these days.I was what was known as a primary EA on one boat (reactor protection system, rod control etc etc were my part of ship), and dressed in silly clothes sat on top of a reactor during a maintenance period may sound cool but the novelty soon wears off.
  9. As does ones sperm count,I expect
  10. Not really Tre, but if I knock one out in the dark it's easy to see where the little buggers have gone!
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  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Mind you Tre, He is rather speschal now.
  12. I'd respond to that Janner, if I could get off this window, and on the plus side I can play the banjo now :)

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