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Any Grapplers out there :)

I served on Christmas Island ( HMS Resolution) 1958/9. Witnessing 5 Nuclear tests.
Best part, saving money (no women to spend it on) 2 weeks leave in Hawaii and getting my first official tot :lol:

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That this House notes the 50th anniversary of the beginning of British nuclear weapons tests at Christmas Island on 8th November 1957; further notes that servicemen involved in nuclear tests have subsequently attributed cases of ill health to their exposure to radiation during and after the tests; welcomes the conclusions of a recent cross-party inquiry into nuclear test veterans chaired by the hon. Member for Billericay and the hon. Member for Norwich North; believes that the current system for hearing claims for compensation is inconsistent, unfair and in need of complete reform, and that far greater recognition of this problem and co-operation with veterans is required from the Ministry of Defence; and therefore calls on the Government to respond positively to the recommendations of the inquiry, undertake new scientific studies into the effects of nuclear tests on human health, work with veterans to create a new framework for hearing claims for compensation, and ultimately honour its duty of care towards this loyal and dignified group of servicemen and their families.
I should also like to add a reference to the following report which is causing interest amongst NTVs:

New Zealand Nuclear Test Veterans’ Study – a Cytogenetic Analysis
R E (Al) Rowland, et al., A report presented to the New Zealand Nuclear Test Veterans’ Association, 2007.

I have a copy of the document in PDF format. If interested PM me.

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