Nuclear test veterans can sue MoD

Wonder how long the Government will drag this out?

Ex-servicemen who took part in nuclear tests in the 1950s have won the right to sue the government for compensation.

More than 1,000 men say they and their families have suffered ill-health following the nuclear tests conducted in the South Pacific.

The ruling by the High Court means the government could face its largest class action yet, for millions of pounds.

The servicemen's solicitor, Neil Sampson, urged the government to settle the case out of court.

The Ministry of Defence argued that the claims were made too late.

The men want compensation for illnesses, including cancer, skin defects and fertility problems which they claim are the result of exposure to radiation during nuclear bomb testing.

The MoD says it compensates when liability is proven, but argued the claims have come too long after events.
BBC Article
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