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Nuclear subs will stay in Scotland, Royal Navy chiefs decide



<<Britain's nuclear deterrent would have to remain in Scotland even if the country voted for independence, Royal Navy chiefs have concluded.>>

Read more to discover the “the nightmare scenario”.

Nuclear subs will stay in Scotland, Royal Navy chiefs decide - Telegraph
But if they go fully independent, how are Fleet able to state this with confidence ? ... I believe King Alex has stated that there will be no nuclear facilities based north of the border when they gain independence ... besides which, will the French (who are bound to take over up there ;) ) allow foreign warboats in their area of influence


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There is no alternative - end of! We'll have to lease the land from an independent Scotland, which will cost us dearly, and Salmond will probably lose the first independent Scottish Parliamentary election for failing to deliver his manifesto promise of a nuclear-free Scotland.


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A sovereign Scotland could take all sorts of meassures to b up the Trident process and its anti-nuclear posture will lose face if it doesn't. I think a gigantic can of nuclear worms is opening up. My own view is that the base HAS to move as the deterrent can hardly be credible if it can be embargoed by a foreign power.

I found Anglo-Irish Trade War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia instructive (link from one of the comments in the DT article). Even if we had some sort of treaty with an independent Scotland I do not see how we could make them comply with it.


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I think a gigantic can of nuclear worms is opening up.

I agree. If we lease the base there would be increased demonstration activity at the base as CND would be joined by those Nationalists who want Trident out. That would need careful management. There is also the issue of non-UK nationals having access to the boats - the current Babcock work-force are overwhelmingly comprised of locals who would not be able to carry out nuclear work as non-UK nationals.


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Simples! We lease a corner of King's Bay off the cousins (a bit of a quid pro quo for Diego Garcia) then we haven't got to worry about any Jockinese imbuggerence (yes Finks I'm talking about you... and that Salmond geezer of course) - also much nicer when you have a spot of leave or a long weekend with not a lot to do erm Faslane; Florida, Florida;Faslane - not much of a competition is it?


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At the moment we have national control of the civil situation. In an independent Scotland we would be relying on the Govt of Scotland to control the rentamob which it might not choose to do, indeed they might see any interference as damaging to their left-wing credentials.

Plus do we perhaps employ locals at Coulport?
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