Nuclear Safeguard?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dunjamon, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Just seen this on the BBC. Thank god we only have Trident these days
    BBC Newsnight
  2. Can't see the problem or the reason for the article. It says:

    And I think time has shown that to be true.
  3. It certainly isn't a problem now. I've been reading over the past week a few articles from the mid 90's about global nuclear safety written by the UK government stating that our airborne arsenal was foolproof.
  4. Was that foolproof or proof that it was operated by fools? there is I believe a difference, but I'm not sure what!
  5. They would say that..!
  6. Far be it from me to make any disparaging comments about our elected leadership :-0
  7. I watched that on newsnight and what a load of shit. There is no way any one person could have set of a nuclear weapon including the bomb that the reporter reckoned she could have set off using a bicycyle lock key, as long as she had a Lynx helicopter or a Buccaneer fighter bomber to hand. It was always a 2 man rule and that included training loads, trust me I did many and no rogues could have run off with our war machine and bombed the civilised world. That Newsnight report was a load of shit.
  8. Didn't get chance to watch it, thanks to work. Take it it wasn't that impartial then?
  9. Having watched Newsnight, I have come to the conclution that there story was half cooked

    Half of the report was an interview with the chair of CND

    with no one to tell her she was talking arse

    I belive that Britan has the correct policy that a British Bomber Captain can launch his missiles if he belives that Britan has been wiped out

    If you needed the PM to send a code to launch, then kill the PM and his band of merry men and hay presto.................. no nuc retaliation
  10. Is anything from the BBC impartial ??
  11. .....Shaun the sheep ??? :rendeer: :rendeer:
  12. Just watched it online. What a totally one eyed biased report. No wonder J Paxman was so disparaging about "Tommorow Night's Programme" on wednesday. The whole thing was without any journalistic integrety. They only had to look up their own footage of a V boat's test firing, complete with Skipper fishing off the caseing, remember? to see what safeguards are in place. CND should be charged a full advertising rate for the whole report. That was not jounalism that was a political advert.

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