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Nuclear reactors


War Hero
Any reason,apart from cowardice,that we did not say to the French "Yes! we do need your expertise to build and run our reactors as we have shagged our manufacturing base but only on the condition you tighten the control of illegal immigrants leaving France to Britain" often with the Police not really exerting themselves to stop it.
In my world you don't give a huge wedge of something without something else major in part exe.
Now another Sangatte is being built we sit back and accept it.
A bit soft we are as the Nuclear firm building them is sponsored by the French government.
We need some bottle at the top.


War Hero
seafarer1939 said:
Any reason,apart from cowardice,that we did not say to the French "Yes! we do need your expertise to build and run our reactors as we have shagged our manufacturing base but only on the condition you tighten the control of illegal immigrants leaving France to Britain"

Oh, and we can't actually afford to invest the huge sums of money required to build the new power stations, our banking system is f*cked so none of the banks are currently willing to lend the necessary funds to the ECI companies who could do the work (and are US owned, their banking system seems to be equally as f*cked) We've also misled our voting population with regards to sustainable energy production, we had to let them believe it was viable as we've taxed them to death on that very premise, unfortunately the miracle of perpetual motion has failed to materialise within our time in office!

I don't actually think we were in a position to negotiate with a country that has an incredibly strong engineering industry, strong commercial sector and appears to be fairng very well in the current credit crisis, other than "would you like a red carpet, blue perhaps?"


War Hero
Agreed as I've often wondered how France can afford the best trains,thriving car industry,wonderful health service,build fighter aircraft with no outside funds,great roads I could go on but you get the drift.
Their money went on the country ours went in benefits for the workshy,Domes,computers that don't ever work,Quanqos etc.
I would admire the French except, I saw the reports in the Excocet factory where they all cheered when one of their missiles took out a British ship.
Still we have the best Armed Forces if nothing else.
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