Nuclear Quals?

Just a quick question for any serving or ex ET(ME)'s, do you guys have anything to do with the maintenance of the Nuclear power systems on board the Sub and if so, do you gain any recognised qualifications for this?

Yes they do/I did all the maintenance and defect repair work on the "Nuclear power systems" as you call it (We call it the reactor and associated systems or officially the NSRP which stands for Nuclear Steam Raising Plant) and no there aren't ant civvie recognised quals as such unless your an MA have then you get Health Physics quals and I believe Nuclear welders have quals as well.

All people 'dreckly involved in maintenance and repair (alongside the Rolls Royce resident engineers) have plenty of transfereable skills.

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What wrecker said really....but using your knowledge acquired onboard as good experience etc, it helps you work towards the civvie quals such as NVQs, BTECs and HNC's etc etc...some elements of these certificates can be acquired during the various courses undertaken as part of a career path.
Those who work in shore-based roles involved with carrying out maintenance and defect rectification on the NSRP (which includes the welders WreckerL mentioned) undergo a certain amount of specific training, and there are a number of civvy-recognised (though not necessarily nuclear industry specific) qualifications to be had. Most of these can be of use in, for example, oil and gas industries, aviation, power generation, heavy engineering, etc. and tend to involve looking closely at bits of metal, at pictures of bits of metal, or at pieces of paper related to bits of metal.


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If you get yourself qualified to Cat C level or higher, then you stand a very good chance of civilian employment in the Nuclear Power generation industry. A whole bunch of my Cat A mates recently recieved letters from a recruiting agency. Hartlepool Nuclear Power station is affectionately known as HMS Hartlepool. Tells you all you need to know about those who operate it.

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