nuclear power stations

Now that the French and Germans own just about all of our water,power and god know what else and we are now appearing to ask them to help build our power stations as we don't have the expertise, can we find a leader that can say get stuffed until you put troops in Affiestan and help us.
Why should our service people get killed whilst these grow fat on the backs of it?
Why can we not build power stations and why do we need the French to help build aircraft carriers?
I despair the weakness of this country,it's not as if the French,Germans,Spanich etc let others buy into their national important services.
I hope Blair,Major and Brown end up where they deserve.Hopeless and inept does not cover what they have done to this country,in my opinion!
Hey, that's free market economy for you. I don't pretend to understand it completely, but you can't stop anyone buying anything. The reason the Germans and French bought our power and water companies is that they can charge what they like here, where as their governments limit what they can charge their own people.
We need help to build aircraft carriers as the British ship building industry has been eroded away - like most other proper "industry" - in favour of the making money from money based economy and BAe continue to rip us off.
Getting help in any trouble spots is as likely as Tessa Jowell leaving her back door unlocked.
That is a negative aspect of a free market economy and allowing such exploitation in Power and Water supplies is questionable. Regardless of how many Ofwats, Ofgens or Oftosses there are, these Utilities are integral to the fabric of a civilised nation. I was reminded of the statutory powers of the local water company sometime back when I unintentionally crossed them.

Our apparent need to buy in expertise is also a clear demonstration of the result of allowing "capability holidays". So far, that hasn't been experienced in Defence but it's only a matter of time, by the look of things.

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