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is there anywhere I can get a verbal practice test free I tried my NSRT for pilot on 26th and that was the only thing that I failed so need to get some practice in for September when I go back for it I have tried the official navy ones but I know all the answers after doing it so much
Your inquiry indicates the reason for failing the 'verbal ability' section of the Naval Service Recruitment Test (NSRT) which seeks to test "...your ability to understand the meaning of words and relationships between them."

i.e. The rather basic elements of English comprehension, grammar and spelling.

I'm neither a teacher nor a grammar policeperson but suggest that you read back through your own post, try marking it and then ask yourself why that post merits anything higher than 0/10.

On April 6th @Matthew posted his recent experience at https://www.navy-net.co.uk/community/threads/psychometric-recruit-test-preparation-and-review.71527/page-7#post-1414911

<<...I found easy but only because I’m reasonably good at it. I found it was a lot of fill in the blanks, odd words out and what’s the meaning of this word. It’s a hard subject to revise but I found a synonyms and word to word app helpful...>>

If you are still on the books of an educational establishment why not try contacting the staff of their English Department for their advice, too?

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