NSNs for clay pigeons and traps.

Anyone know if pusser still does clay pigeons and traps through the stores system? Remember getting some back in the 90s but the NSN I have now is not recognised. Its for a combined cadet force with a pussers UIN at a state school.


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If you can get lawnmowers delivered to a minesweeper through Naval Stores & 17 Harrier fuel pumps to a Type 22 Frigate, then a box of clays is not an unreasonable query really.
When on Lusty with 801, I went down to stores to get a iron, "How Many do you want",
"Oh 2 please", "
"No Probs",
"a couple of ironing boards too?"
"Yes please", I said. "Do you want me to sign for them?",
"No Mate, C Class",
"Cheers any chance of one of those cheap white plastic wall clocks?",
"No mate L Class need a sig!!!"
We had clays and a trap on the Anglesey. That was up until the vessel got sold in 2003. I would of thought they still do
The clay pigeon is NSN 6690 99 448 1461, Target, Clay Pigeon. It’s obsolete and has been deleted from CRISP. The Trap, Clay Pigeon has been completely deleted. Looks like the fun police have been at work. They used to be issued to Carriers, allegedly for the aircrew to keep their “deflection†shooting skills honed. That was back in the ’70, though.


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Try some of the military ranges. Altcar for example. There's probably a very obscure way of getting hold of the stuff through the appropriate channels but, a phone call and a bottle of malt will probably get the job done more efficiently.

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