Looks like I’ll be facing a board in the coming months I’ll have completed 12 years and a let selected for po any ideas on what the payouts are and is the payout separate to afcs? Will be tier 1 . Thanks and apologies if it’s been covered


Just to add, dislocated my knee in 2016 and turned down surgery and did months of rehab, rejoined ship and within a few weeks of being onboard the knee pain came back but was drafted of anyway and still in a cheers easy 3* driver job as a killick WE currently back in physio but not wanting the knee surgery to then end up with ongoing knee replacement as I’m under 30 . Normal day to day working and life my knee is okay, but if I was to stay in the need to stay fit and amount of ladders / unstable platform being on ship will further trash my knee and don’t want to be a cripple before my time if I can help it .

So the added question to the original post is when I go to med board with a dodgy knee will they discharge me teir 1 or my decision to not have surgery they tell me to put my chit in


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What surgery were you offered ? And why on Earth would you turn it down?
The Pension payout and AFCS payout are separate however if you are awarded a GIP from AFCS your pension is taken into consideration.
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