Hi there, I have a NSMBOS coming up shortly where I will be made PMU submarines. I will be requesting to be medically discharged and have been told at my INM brief that I will be a tier 1. The medical board are unlikely to discharge me that day but an employability board will take place.

My question is, as a Submariner, could I be forced to go across to the surface fleet at the employability board? Do I get a choice? In my nsmbos personal statement and paperwork I have asked for discharge and stated I do not want to move across to the surface fleet....can they force me to or are they likely to let me go?
Thanks in advance for anyone’s dits


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In my experience, the members of the board are usually quite sympathetic to the needs of the individual and his/her concerns are always taken into consideration. Whilst the rig is No1s you leave your hat outside the door and as part of the discussion you will probably be asked what it is that you want - you might also be asked to explain why. They take a fairly balanced view of the whole picture i.e. how long you've got left, what cost you will be to the RN etc etc. Whilst I am obviously unaware of your precise situation, I can't see what benefit you would have to the RN if they forced you down the GS route if you just submit your notice the next day.

Good luck, hope it all works out.
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