At the moment NPFS & RMW (Naval Personal Family Service & Royal Marines Welfare) have several different contact numbers, depending on the area in which the serving person is based, and the time of day you are calling. Would you welcome a single contact number or is the current system working well?


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Edited because the first post disappeared. Use 1 number, send out posters and/or zap stickers throughout the fleet job done.
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I have no idea why my original post was not there,I had reason to call upon NPFS in 2001,I have nothing but praise for the help I recieved and think a single contact number would help.
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Concur with the others, single number gets my vote. Chances are if anyone has the number they will save it in their mobile and are unlikely to change it if they move. Single number for the entire country (and not a 08 one) would be best and then once connected be offered options ie dial 1 for etc etc, dial 0 for emergencies...
Just thought a bit more about this, and definitely a single number is the way ahead. 0800 Royal Navy or something simple.

I've just remembered a situation whereby a young AB, after a month at sea, got a bluey to tell him of a very close family bereavement. The family had no idea how to contact the RN to let him know at the time, when we eventually got mail the funeral had long since happened.

Any contact number is only of use if the sailor actually passes it on to anyone who might need it.


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Whilst recognising the Corps has it's own (excellent) welfare organisation, to me it's a bit of a "no-brainer" with regard a single initial contact number for all RN welfare issues, so the call can then be automatically directed to the right people very simply.

Taking it a step further, the number should be Tri-Service with an automated direct for each individual service.

In times of trauma & crisis, it's a pretty poor situation when those in need of help, service or civilian, have to run the gauntlet of confusing, conflicting & contradicting advice with regard making the initial cry for help - Keep it Simple.