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Discussion in 'History' started by thingy, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. Nozzers! Get some DVD time in!

    Right, as promised to the select few, I have finally relocated my DVD of the BBCs excellent documentary of sailorly basic training (Pt.1) at HMS Raleigh and divided into the 4 original episodes. My original Betamax video was converted by an absent matelot and this is the result. As I'm sure you'll appreciate, my original recording was so ancient that the soundtrack has, in places, become dissociated from the video element.

    If you interested in a copy please PM me.

    I can only make one copy at a time. I don't want no money, though a donation to COMBAT STRESS of a fiver for each would be much appreciated, if you want to help psychologically injured comrades. If you don't, I'll send Sgtpepperband along to give you a gentle reminder ;)
  2. Steve,

    I wouldn't mind a copy. I joined up shortly after the programme aired.

    Also if you "don't want no money", does that mean you do want some? (Don't use no double negatives :thumright: )
  3. Have PM'd you Thingy.
  4. Hi joined up a couple of weeks before filming started. Apparently it was either us or them and they chose the dabbers as it would be easier to follow up, never happened though. Be grateful for a copy if possible.

    Money donated forthwith.

    Many thanks in advance
  5. Oops! I don't want it but a donation to Combat Stress would be very welcome. Both my maternal grandfather (WW1: 2nd Batt'n, Manchester Reg't) and a relative of my father's (WW2: RN, Far East, POW) would both have benefitted had help for psychological trauma been available and accessible to them.

    Jimmy and Pots, could you PM me your addresses.
  6. Right, I've done three copies so far. Buster, Jimmy, Chaz and Pots, please PM me your addresses and the DVDs will be posted next week. All four episodes on a single DVD.... two hours of sheer amusement/entertainment and a reminder of the days when wrens were wrens, matelots served on all male ships and the crushers weren't scared of the recruits! :biggrin:
  7. thanks pal - message sent

    on SRCC at present, so busy isnt the word
  8. Will be buying CD covers this weekend to put the DVDs into for posting next week.
  9. Have PM'd you thingy.
  10. The first batch of Nozzers have been dispatched, in padded envelopes, and should arrive in the next few days.

    Stand fast Chiefs! :biggrin:
  11. Have pm'd you
  12. PM'd you mate
  13. That two more Nozzers on order. Any more Rum Rationers in need of Nozzers? ;)
  14. have you managed to post mine>, my newest friend :w00t: :w00t:
  15. The second batch of Nozzers are on the way to their new quarters.

    That's 8 copies so far which should have raised £40 for Combat Stress, if you have all made your donations.

  16. posted twice like a chimp
  17. i didnt read the initial post, so i can only apologise for the delay, but its done now


    but i just watched all 4 and excellent job, timing with the speech is a little out, but fantastic otherwise

    i was loving it and then they had a ships visit onboard a type 21, then i'm sure i cried a little

    is there any member here that was on the show?, i'm sure the scouser is now a CPOMA, but i could be wrong

    now to start watching HMS Brilliant
  18. WELL DONE Steve, a very good cause, and thanks for the time you've put in.

  19. NOTICE

    I'll burn the next batch when I return from Mazarron in just over a week's time and dispatch them to all who have PM'd a request to me.

    See ya


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