Lantern Swinger
For all of yourselves who would like to enjoy re-watching this classic, Nozzers (1987) TV Series, here is the full episode synopsis. Enjoy.

Nozzers (1987) S01E01 – Yes, Chief… - Aired 26th Jan 1987 22:20 - The place is HMS Raleigh at Torpoint in Cornwall, where, for the next few weeks, boys and girls, some straight from school, will undergo intensive training to make the change from civvy to sailor. Their transformation begins with a week in New Entry.

Nozzers (1987) S01E02 - It’s Only Pain – Aired 2nd Feb 1987 22:15 - The Royal Navy's latest recruits are two days old and about to face the first real tests of stamina and co-ordination. They are under attack on all sides - from the pain of injections to the pain of the assault course - and they must pass the Navy's swimming test before they leave HMS Raleigh. They find themselves on parade by the end of their first week.

Nozzers (1987) S01E03 – To The Ground Return – Aired 9th Feb 1987 22:15 - On HMS Raleigh, the Royal Navy's bricks-and-mortar training ship, life is not all sweetness and light. The time has come for the Navy to send some of the Nozzers back to civvy street. A few of the lads are pleased to go, others are hurt and disillusioned. For those that remain, their next ambition is a run ashore - providing they can pass the chief petty officer's kit inspection. Meanwhile, the girls visit a warship they'll never sail in and get their first taste of freedom with a weekend expedition on Dartmoor.

Nozzers (1987) S01E04 – You’re Satisfactory Only – Aired 16th Feb 1987 22:20 - The young
Wrens are ready for fledging, but the seamen face several more weeks at HMS Raleigh before they too pass out. Now they find out that the Navy really does go to sea and that if you're late back from a run ashore, you're in even deeper water. But the main question is whether the boys of Pellew 22 will make the guard of honour for their passing-out parade.