Nozzer coming aboard!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by frogman, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. :D Relax everybody! - Frogman is here :twisted: Ex Pussers 'shark wrestler, ex 'Plod', EXCELLENT in all things. Decided to join your happy band, and looking forward to some 'lively debate'. No prisoners taken of course, and compared to me, Victor Meldrew is one fun guy!


  2. Welcome Frogman.........may your bubbles always float above your head :lol: :lol:
  3. Welcome onboard Frogman. Nozzers are always welcome to RumRation. Have you claimed your limers/tot off the Moderators yet?
  4. :D Thanks for the welcome aboard oppos, good to know that one is among friends :) Won't be posting for a bit, as I'm off for my annual pilgrimage to the Greek islands. Still diving at the age of 64, but I'm bound to get the hang of it sooner or later!

    Can't see a Pussers diving helmet on the avatar list - any offers?? bearing in mind the fact that I view the computer as the work of the devil :twisted:


  5. I was about to complain that I never got that, but then I remembered, I'm underage :(
  6. I thought you were 18 Dunkers: that makes you eligible for limers or a can of beer, if preferred! :)
  7. I am yes, I thought 21 was the minimum age for the "rum ration", but evidently not. :lol:
  8. Hi Dunkers,

    21 was/is the minimum age for tot, but not for beer, which is 18. Any younger and you qualify for limers (when mainbrace splicing) or milk to help strengthen your growing bones! I wonder if Raleigh still make the AB (Juniors) drink milk as in the past? :lol:

    So you see Dunkers, Jenny owes you a can of good traditional Scottish ale, next time she's is Rosyth or you're in Cyprus!

  9. Oi, CO's have banned me from drinking ever again. Something to do with a fountain, me, a camera and a very suprised looking goldfish!

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