Now you have recovered what was the worse crimbo pressie you got

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 0G1N, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. I just been taking stock of some of the stuff my nearest and dearest thought I would like this crimbo past. I must be getting old or they are running out of ideas as I am now getting things like cups for my brew note books so I can write things down, socks (not used one of those for years if you know what I mean) and other such crap

    How did you all do if you dont mind me asking (or perhaps you do)

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  2. Don't think I got any tat this year for once.
  3. No complaints this year.
  4. Me neither and I'm still waiting for her to get a moment's 'freedom'.
  5. Tat free zone here. Could be due to the lack of money though.
  6. Still staring at the letterbox for owt. Better luck next year.:eek:ccasion5:
  7. So far then its looks like its just me............................:sad7:
  8. I doubt it mate, it's probably just you who's admitted it.
    Some fuckers are easily pleased,
    Some have had tat and they don't even know it.
    Personally I have had two really great pressies, one I just wanted, the other I needed, one she needed so bought it me and one that might be ok if I had a clue how to use the bastard thing.
  9. I beleive the batteries go in the blunt end and there should be a switch to make it vibrate Rummers.
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  10. Some tat, 6 racing beetles? still not opened them? And a balloon with a helicopter blade on? something to play with the Grandkids oh forgot a can of muscle spray for my aging aches and pains, I suppose most other things I was asked what I wanted, surprise from mother in-law nicks and socks as asked for and she through in a decent bottle of red wine and the misses got me a blackberry playbook, I think she gets more use than me but it does come in handy.
  11. Did they tell you it was a kindle as well?
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  12. This muscle spray, was it to relax or stiffen em.
  13. Do not have stiffness problems yet, like a deep heat spray for damage muscles, obviously not as old as you Sharkey?:laughing5:
  14. If you have a damaged muscle, you need to adjust your grip, hold it nearer the end and dont squeeze so hard
  15. Should have got you a dictionary but I've corrected it for you, no charge.
  16. Lies your end then, mine really is a Kindle. Now in your case take your candle and light the way for your bestest buddy Sumo, but have a little compassion for Sharkey you really did put the boot in there.
    Here's a little tip, to help you in the future you ankle,.... Kindle...candle....there different words.
  17. They're or they are, Kindles have a pre-loaded dictionary dontcha know :)
  18. Well I'll be a bitch slapped son of a pedantic school master.
    How many hours in the corner for that transgression?
    If you read my OP you would know you dim docker that I cannot use the fuckin thing.
    I'll go the foot of our stairs.
    Like a spiral in a circle like a wheel within a wheel,........
    I'm begining to see why suicide is high around your part.
  19. Calm down dear, it's just a Kindle, and when you find out how to use it I can send you a disc whith a thousand or so books on it :)
  20. Your just grovelling cus you've seen the stiff list.

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