Now why Don't I agree with these Sentiments?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Oh please, don't even go there...
    A 'loveable rougue' does not exist except in fairy tales...
  2. This guy's a local to you really think so - about the 'loveable rogue' That's a tad cynical, no? Doncha think it's possible someone may be a mixed bag of good and bad....I had a family member like this...bit nuts but great to his kids etc... Drink does awful things to people's personalities... there have been studies done on East-End gangsters....violent as hell, but gentle as sheep around their mothers and families...could be alot of blokes in the Forces who could have ended up like this, but managed to direct their energies into better channels....fair play to them especially if they had tough beginnings....
  3. Sorry but this is about the biggest load of [email protected]@cks I have ever read. He was a thief stealing from innocent victims, end of. Tough beginnings, so what!.
  4. Now now Slim, he was obviously a poor little lamb, let down by the system he fell through the cracks and was in the end murdered by those he tried to help :)
  5. He was a worthless piece of shit who's now a dead worthless piece of shit… I call that a result.
  6. one less scumbag we have to lookafter - works for me
  7. I felt sorry for this victim of today's society - until I finished reading the article.............

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