Now then TheRust, don't go getting lost again....

Just LURVE the enthusiasm, your Training team have already pinged that some of your Troop post on here and you're doing your best to ID yourself to them. I'm sure they'll appreciate the heads up!
Have you tried using the PM facility? You've started up a thread for your Troop which has been well subscribed to, why not just use that?
Or are you going to start a new thread for every one of your adventures?
Can't wait. :money: :dwarf:


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TheRust said:
Cheers NZ, Thats an idea mate.... 1Man, start posting in 107 Troop mate if you wanna rip me! :thumright: :lol:

TBH, I started this in the hope it would work like the last one where the weekend was discussed in its own little thread, but I was a little too vague this time.

I also like the coincidence that has made our paths cross on the weekends by pure chance!

Its all good fun. We're breaking no laws, no rules, and I've never hidden my identity to those in the corps on here anyway. Forum is what it is; a nice way to discuss things away from formality and rank, and keep 'det relations' sweet.
To put it another way, chances are I wouldn't have spoken to you yet if it wasn't for RR.

Enjoy the resource I say. If you're a nobber on here, chances are you're a nobber in the flesh and you'll be pinged as a nobber wherever!


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Nice article in the Globe and Buster about 106 tp, Does any one actually teach you how to wear a cap whatever........noddy hat?
Kinell rubbers actually get to be in the Globe and Buster these days. I to this day never got a phot of my pass out at the memorial, i was in 592 Tp, any ideas if the phot branch is still at CTC and if so how i can get hold of my troop phot after 15 years.



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1ManRiot said:
I also like the coincidence that has made our paths cross on the weekends by pure chance!
Aye, it was great!! I felt like an arse though hahaha!! Im looking forward to the next weekend, should be great......... Pulled a muscle in my leg at the moment, just hoping it heals in time!


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I thought I'd better add Rust, I respect your wish to remain anonymous, if thats possible, so I will avoid anything that might identify you mate, though I'd like to think I do that with everyone anyway.
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