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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by silverfox, May 14, 2007.

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  1. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  2. And the rumour is the RAN are still recruiting..........but Oz has a Labor (sic) party waiting in the wings.......
  3. Silverfox

    I must agree whole heartedly with John Howard, but let us not forget how the Right Wing and Tories screamed when sporting ties with the White controlled South Africa State who's action resembled, (quote "whose well-documented torture and physical beatings of political opponents caused the Australian premier to compare the octogenarian’s secret police to those in Nazi Germany."unquote Times Newspaper) were stopped by order of the Government of the day.

    Perhaps we should consider breaking off all contact with the various Dictatorships around the world who mistreat their citizens. Lets start with China and withdraw out Olympics Team.

  4. The withdrawal of the Australian cricket team will have as much effect on Mugabe as removing a bucket of water from the Atlantic ocean.
  5. Hi Slim.

    You are probably correct in the short term, but small things like that is how finally "IDI AMIN" was forced to leave the country that he had ruined.

    Mugabe, is a harder nut too crack, but he will get his comeupance from some one, maybe some-one with a bigger gun than he wields.

    But don't stop drinking waiting on this happening as it may take a wee while yet.


  6. Pingers
    It's my belief that we will have to wait until Mugabe enters the next world before he gets weighed off by the Skipper.
    Now if Zimbabwe had been a major oil producer would he still be in power?
  7. To be honest about it there are and have been several oil producers that have had pretty rotten regimes that have been allowed to bimble on, and if Zimbabwe had had oil perhaps the country could have afforded Mugabe's mismanagement better.

    One big question is if you are going to 'go in' to Zimbabwe, how do you do it, this was a question we amused ourselves with whilst whiling our time away on the Beira Patrol many years ago. None of the countries you will have to go through or overfly are really going to help as they can see themselves as perhaps the next for regime change.

    Now if Africa was seen as a major market to make money in things may be different but until then those who fund Bush are just not interested.
  8. However Peter these oil producers were Pre Bush Era.
    Like you i was on the Beira patrol, waste of time, remember the Iona V (or was it Jona V) ordered to stop, completely disregarded order and sailed happily into port.
    It is no longer up to the West to interfere in Africa. We would not be thanked for removing Mugabe.
    One partial solution is to stop all payouts to Zimbabwe and use the money to compensate those that Mugabe has stolen from (black or white).
  9. I am not convinced on the oil argument, just allowing SH to pump as much as he wanted on the open market would have cut the price of oil and made sure the US had as much as they needed. I put it down to a combination of SH indulging in too much sabre rattling of his own for personal promotion purposes, and the hawks who had paid for Bush to get re-elected wanting a war (any where would have done) to re-fill their corporate coffers. Put those two together and you get the invasion. Now aren't we lucky that cropped up before North Korea started playing with instant sunshine.

    Yup I remember the Joanna V, we were rather pissed of that she came out shortly after we left station. More interesting was the Melissa that went in on almost a weekly basis.

    I agree that meddling militarily in Africa without very good invites from lots of the right people is not a good idea, that of course does not mean we should not make suggestions and work with willing countries to help them try and pull their socks up, after all Africa is the last undeveloped market and if it is not brought on stream soom we will all suffer, even the old farts like us.
  10. Whatever you think of his government, John Howard has the courage of his convictions. Most people here support his stand but unfortunately his industrial relations convictions will probably bring him unstuck next election. Otherwise he would be almost unstoppable.
  11. More power to Oz for this example.

    I watched Victoria Wood's short series on Empire and couldn't help wondering whether the people of Zimbabwe would prefer their treatment under colonial rule to the purgatory that they are going through under the rule of one of their own. Absolute power and all that.....

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