Now doctors say it's good to be fat

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Nov 8, 2007.

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  1. Damn, and I've just upped my exercise level. Looks like I can start a guinness based fitness regime :donut:

    *edited as guinness doesn't have an f*
  2. Well we're all going to die from something, it's just a question of identifying your preference and working towards it.

    Personally I'm horrified by going the way of some of the people where the body that contains what used to be my grandmother now lives. I know that sounds brutal, but personally I never want to end up in that state.
  3. I will stop my subscription to Weightwatchers forthwith.
  4. I think that this is one case where I concur with you Karma. i would rather pop my clogs having enjoyed a full life than to live for years in a vegetative state.
  5. I have a suspicion that the reason there seems to be a tendency for the moderately padded to live longer is they dont worry and are happy
  6. Carry on eating, drinking and being merry, for tomorrow a bus could knock you down. That seems the right philosophy.

    The best way for me to guarentee a long life would to desist from working in terrorists number one target! As I refuse to, I shall opt for pleasure over pain. Leave slimming to the masochists and sadomasochists.

    Stand fast RPOs! :biggrin:
  7. yippee, I have been waiting for this news for ten stone, errr, I mean ten years. I read recently that there is no reason not to live until you are 120 years young. the only trouble is that we may die before hand.
  8. Better to die young fat and happy
    Than Old thin and miserable

    Jack you fat bastard McHammocklashing RO9

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