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Notifications glitch


War Hero
Super Moderator
I have noticed a glitch with the notifications symbol, where it flashes what looks like a cumulative number then disappears. If there are unread / unacknowledged notifications then the correct number is shown. If there are none left, the symbol then reverts to normal. Seems to have occurred at the time when the Other Side had their recent upgrade.

@Bad CO


War Hero
Yes, I've noticed that too, thought it might be something to do with my Wi-Fi signal but it sounds like something to do with the site software.


War Hero
It's not evident on my Mac, but phone and tablet the glitch is apparent every time the site is opened.
I thought it was a refresh issue but obviously not!!!!!
It's workable, that's the main thing.

Bad CO

This site is made using a piece of forum software called Xenforo that is enhanced by various add-ons. There was a big Xenforo upgrade a couple of weeks ago but not all the add-ons have been upgraded yet which means that a few don't work properly. This issue is the result of one of those.

It will be fixed at some point but we just need to hang on a bit!
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