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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bruno207, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. The most difficult decisions in life.
    1. Buying a house.
    2. getting Married.
    3. Kids.
    4. SUBMITTING NOTICE (this I think should be No1)
  2. PS.
    Have just done No4.......
  3. If you don't like it you can wait......too late!
  4. Flash Flash Flash

    Breaking news: Rating decides to leave RN. Fleet in turmoil.
  5. If someone submits a notice, and they decide 2 months before they leave they decide they want to stay in, will the RN reverse the the 1 year notice?
  6. Couldn't hack it a?
    Tut tut
    So how long did you actually manage to complete?
  7. In the current climate if you try and rescind your notice there is a good cance that you willbe told to go swivel. Recruitment and retention have gone up markedly in the recession and as such there is less need to keep those who have already decided on a career in civvy street who later decide to change their mind. Think carefully before submitting
  8. Once you have done 2 & 3 number 4 is easy unles you enjoy being away from your wife and kids.I speak from experience.
  9. Almost certainly NO at the moment. :D
  10. I have always said to people 'If you dont like it, put your notice in.'

    Glad to see you have, one less manking twat to listen to.

    BTW I have only ever seen one person being refused an attempt to take their notice out and that was a GS CMEM.

    In my current place of work we see all of those signals when they are sent by Fleet HQ
  11. A Killick fore endy/29 bulkhead blockage. Last seen collecting tolls on the Saltash bridge, that didnt last long.
  12. Actually No1 is the decision that scares me the most - still in Quarters after 20 years in.

    Wotcha leavin' for?
  13. Bought House, Mortgage reduced the drinking

    Got Married, Wife reduced drinking even more

    Kids, need shoes, less drinking

    Left after 23 years, Pension pays for drinking

    Whats the problem? Do it out of synch and you get snags!!!
  14. No-one can stay in forever, you have to choose your moment before you are DD'd.
  15. Who was that? BallSack?
  16. More drivel posted by you, WTF are you onabout?

    Do you need the boards to be in large print or would you like it turned into an 'Audio book' for you.
  17. Only 2 things certain in life: leaving the mob and death.
  18. You can't be paying that much attention then, there are LOADS of people knocking around at the moment that have been told to fcuk off when theyve asked to rescind their notice.
  19. We were not offered the luxury of notrice it was buy out!.I had a lot of reasons for wanting out at one time if notice was in i think i would have gone.All but a promise i made to my old dad that i would do what i signed for .I am glad i did .It all turns out OK in the end

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