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My local council have been openly practicing negative discrimination for years against Humanists by refusing to comply with Department of Education SACRE guidelines on RE in schools and telling council employees (contrary to law!!!) that they may choose who to provide services to in accordance with their religious beliefs (the council minutes, available online, for the last 3 years are illuminating).... just so long as those beliefs are... er... Christian. If Muslim or Roman Catholic majority councillors behaved like this there would be an outcry. When Protestants do so, it passes without comment in the press. Says everything about the Established Church in this country! At least Birmingham aren't allowing their staff to discriminate against against non-Muslims whilst forcing non-Muslims to bankroll their ideological experiment. Actually this is why I'm strongly opposed to giving local councils more power and would, instead, like to see them abolished altogether and their partisan staff replaced with non-partisan people who are all committed and obliged to work pro bono publicum, not just for the good of their fellow travellers. Remember Liverpool in the bad old days.... think Bromley Council today! :pissedoff:
ukdaytona said:
Birmingham hold celebrations for Pakistans independence including the flying of the Pakistan national flag from the Council House.....
Lots of Pakistanis live in a council house; literally.

So what's wrong with the Indian flag? Attracts less votes in Brummistan?
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