Nothing sacred

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. It seems that being royal means nothing in this modern world and even when dead you are not safe . The body of the boy king of ancient Egypt after being poked and prodded for FKs how long has had his golden mask removed and he is now on display to the public . There is FA sacred it seems and RIP no longer applies . I hope these a*******s get the same treatment when they KTB

  2. I was wondering how long after death does interfering with a body go from being desecration to archaeology?
  3. It would seem that after a certain period, people become interesting artefacts and not, err; people.

    I remember as a lad, about 10 ish, being taken by my mum and dad to Manchester Museum. I vividly remember the Egyptology room. There was a mummified princess laid out on a table. The bandages were unravelled from her forehead and one of her feet. The bulk of her (she was tiny!) was partly covered by a square of sack cloth. I was fascinated by the sight of real dead toes and hair. There she was, openly displayed as a thing but still clearly a person.

    My mum always had trouble with her feet. They ached if she stood for too long so she was always happy to follow me and my dad around places, providing she could find somewhere to sit down. On this occasion, she hadn't noticed us move on to the next exhibit room. The Museum was being closed for the night and, after being ushered out to the stairway, we noticed there was no mum. She had been locked in with the mummy! Being partly deaf from a perforated eardrum, she'd not heard the caretaker call that he was locking the room. My, how we all laughed; eventually.
  4. I can see it now, you shouting to the caretaker - "No, my mummy really IS in there!"

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