Not your stereotype "dim blonde"

brazenhussy said:
Obviously got brains as well then??!!,,30100-1266826,00.html

But I bet she doenst go back to her original job after this!

Are you trying to out post Slim with news articles?

Because she has a job how do you equate that with the possession of Brains. Now I have no doubt she has brains, but it really depends on the job description to the amount of brain power required to complete your employment. Surveyor, lots of brains to complete the task, receptionist not so much brain required to complete the task.

If brains means she holds down a job OK. No mention has been made of her educational qualifications, only the school she attended. Though these days I suppose to attend school is something.

Anyhow Brazen keep posting many on RR have stated that they enjoy reading the posts
Not sure brains enter the equation given the article. For all we know, she's got GCSE's (maybe) like my optician's chart, and is a pretty good looking receptionist (maybe) at a small local oil firm (where else are you going to work in Aberdeen????).


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d25trident said:
Q. What do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you?

A. Run like hell cause she’s got a grenade in her mouth!
Heard on local radio last week:

A blonde is being chased for payment by a window supplier, having had new windows put in her house 12 months ago on a pay nothing for 12 months deal. When finally tracked down and asked for payment, she answers: "Hellooooo, I may be blonde but I'm not stupid - I'm not paying a cent towards these windows - your salesman told me last year that they'd pay for themselves within the ear - if they haven't paid you its not my fault".
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