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Hi, first time here and spent the last month reading every topic of conversation regarding the straightforward self explanatory 4 years clear of asthma medication rule..!!

However one thing I haven't read about and wanted to ask is this..

My son who is 16 and flew through his RTs and selection interview is now at medical stage which he has received a date through for, the question is, if he has received medication in the last 4 years (for the same old precaution reasons) would he still be called in for a medical or would he just have been declared temporarily unfit for service until the 4 years is up? Do they or can they make that decision based on information in the medical form or will they ALWAYS see the applicant?

To me it personally seems a waste of everyone's time to do a medical if they know he is definitely going to be declared temporarily unfit! So I'm unsure if this is a good sign or not?!

Basically, same old story, diagnosed with asthma at 3, as a mother I continued to collect prescriptions as I'm no Dr, so if you're told your child is asthmatic you continue to keep medication at hand "just in case" however the last time he used it he was approx 5, hadn't been seen for any asthma related illness since he was diagnosed at 3! I obtained a Letter from the Dr to explain that my son had never been called up for asthma review as they don't do it until a child hits their 16th birthday and that he is no longer asthmatic and that they hadn't seen him since 2001 and that they continue to issue inhalers as a precaution, and the last medication was issued in August 2013, this letter went off with the medical forms and we now have a date..!!

It's a pretty clear cut rule, medication in last 4 years TMU until 4 years clear, I get that , so I was surprised he got a medical date through! I could understand being declared TMU if someone had a similar story but was 19,20! However I was responsible for my sons medication as he is only just 16!

Apologies for rambling, thought it best to give as much info and I don't expect a guarantee from anyone as I understand it's down to the medical officer, I just thought I would try and grab an opinion on the matter, thanks in advance!

Just to add, he is doing a 28 day peak flow ready to hand over at his medical, which is a tip I picked up from reading through just about every asthma related thread, so thank you ;)


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If an applicant verbally declares from the outset they have been prescribed an inhaler within 4 years, they would be advised they cannot be passed fit until four years free from asthma signs, symptoms & treatment.

If they choose not to follow the advice, don't declare it upfront or leave it until the medical stage, then we cannot stop them applying.

The medical questionnaire is treated as medical-in-confidence & as such, its content is between the applicant & the AFCO Medical Examiner.


Hi, thanks for your response!

My son has been totally honest and upfront about it with his AFCO from even before his initial application, I'm just surprised he has got a medical date as I would have expected one look at his medical forms and him be turned down on the grounds of TMU?!


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The content of the medical forms is between the applicant and the Doc. If the individual decides to submit an application, even in the knowledge of the outcome, the only person qualified to make the decision is the Doc.

Even if the AFCO staff see the content of the medical forms and know the likely outcome, they cannot stop the applicant proceeding with an application if that is what they want.

Very often, when the inevitable outcome occurs, people complain the applicant shouldn't have been processed - even when they know the result but still submit an application.


Oh there won't be any complaints as we have known from the outset what the likely outcome maybe! We were just advised that the decision lays with the medical team, I was just surprised for it to even get that far! However we were told that it depends on the circumstances surrounding the issue


I understand entirely what you mean. My original application progressed this far and I wondered why they let me get to the medical but it's so that they can assess you for everything else (hearing/fitness etc.) - then if you only fail on grounds of asthma they with make you only temporarily unfit on that element but keep all records to say you are otherwise fit. In theory it speeds up the process for when you re-apply asthma free! :)


I should have come back and updated this... My son was declared fit, passed his medical (after a letter from the Dr and a further request for additional information) passed his fitness test (2nd time) and has now completed his PRNC and has his join date of the 10th July. *eek* super proud mum!!!


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I should have come back and updated this... My son was declared fit, passed his medical (after a letter from the Dr and a further request for additional information) passed his fitness test (2nd time) and has now completed his PRNC and has his join date of the 10th July. *eek* super proud mum!!!
Good news.

Did it take a year from the original post to pass the medical/PJFT stage or was it just a long wait for an entry date for that particular branch?


He had his medical last August I think it was, they required further documents from the Dr which took a 6/8 weeks, he was asked to go back for a further medical but on the morning of the medical he got a call to say he had passed and so he didn't need to go in. He then had to wait for a date for his fitness test which unfortunately he failed by 15 seconds, he then decided to work on his fitness a little longer so retook the FT in March which he passed, he was then given a date of the 10th July a day after passing his FT, did his PRNC in May..!! So although it seems to have taken a while (this was his own choice really as he wanted to finish his college course) once he did the last thing on the list he got a date the very next day!
So he joined up yesterday..!! Absolutely petrified, lots of nerves but luckily for him it is a high intake of 16/17 year old's, which made him feel more confident. Plus he got to know people via this forum which meant he already had a connection with some of the guys he met yesterday. So this place really is a god send, especially for the younger recruits, almost 24 hours done and he is still there lol..!!!


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Hope your son gets on ok. I met some mums on here too so I you ever want any advice I'll try help :)
My son started last sept and was rather stressful at times :D
Well, unfortunately he is being discharged today as medically unfit (not asthma related) just waiting for him to call me to let me know the exact reason (I think it is calf related) I am hoping and praying that he won't have to wait the 12 months to reapply, I am hoping he can step off the train and walk straight back in to AFCO and reapply, thanks for your message :)
He is unlikely to be able to "step off the train and walk straight back in to AFCO and reapply". He will have to resolve his medical issue first, then return to the AFCO with evidence of this before he can re-apply.
Hi Drakey, Yeah I know he will need to sort whatever the issue is, when he called last night he did say that he was told he wouldn't have to wait 12 months but of course that could have changed this morning, I will know more once he has called, if he ever calls lol..!!! Driving me insane waiting for that phone call..!!
So he has been discharged on medical grounds for the injury to his calves. He has been told he has to be clear of pain for 3 months, so he is booked into physio Friday morning, they have recommended he loses 4kg to bring his BMI down, apparently his seniors were not happy as they told the medic that he could lose that in the space of two weeks at Raleigh but rules is rules I suppose, so I have one very unhappy son but as I said to him, 3 months is better than 12..!! :(
A few words of caution. It could still take 12 months before he is back at HMS Raleigh depending on what branch he is and how often the entries are for that branch. All branches are allocated many months in advance. The AFCO will not put a bid in for a place until he has been "3 months clear of pain." He will then join the waiting list.
Thanks Zeb, yes, 3 months clear of pain and then he can reapply, he called a short while ago to say that this has made him even more determined (phew, I thought he may get disheartened)

Hi Drakey, I have spoken to the AFCO today and they have advised of the same, you're right it could take 12 months before he steps foot back in Raleigh but what I meant was, at least it isn't 12 months before he can reapply. As I am typing, I have just had a phone call from Raleigh to say that they are happy for him to reapply straight away, he just needs to make sure that he is 3 months clear of pain before he can start at Raleigh again but nothing stopping him from kick starting the process, although some sections should not be required again (RT's and Selection Interview) he just needs to re-do the medical and PJFT. He is going in as Mechanical Engineer, by all accounts they are crying out for them so hopefully he should be able to turn this around quite quickly and be back in for Christmas or just after. (Must keep him away from the Christmas turkey ;) lol) The gentleman that I just spoke to Lieutenant (didn't catch his name, they all speak so quickly lol) said that he really wanted him back asap as he was a good lad (very nice to hear) I will keep this post updated with how he gets on :)

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