Not very bright, by The Secretary of State

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by scouse, Nov 13, 2010.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Cameron negat BZ.
  2. How to lose friends and alienate people....... :roll:
  3. Great timing by some spotty faced pen pusher
  4. How sickening. Can only hope someone in Govt realises the insanity of this and reverses the decision
  5. There is nothing sickening about it.

    This is pure BBC political bias at it's most disgusting.

    All people lose benefits when extra money comes in and 'always' have, and they have picked on this one to try a bit of political one upmanship on the government.

    It happens exactly the same to a chav or a single mum who gets money through the CSA, but you never see that given a mention let alone a headline story.

    Disgusting gutter press even worse that the red tops. Shame on them.
  6. Hmmm, someone is touchy. It is sickening that a bit of common sense doesnt come into the decisions process before action is taken and a decision made.

    I care little for the BBC or any of the media groups as they are all Biased in some fashion.
  7. Scouse what exactly has this got to do with the SoS? He doesn't personally send the letters to people and the £16,000 rule has, to my knowledge, been in place for some time.

    WRT the person who sent the letter, sadly 11th November doesn't hold any significance to a lot of people in this country. In any case they may not have known the circumstances of the case beyond the fact that Mrs Aldridge had capital in excess of £16,000.

    Whilst I'm not normally one to defend the govt or penpushers in the civil service I think this is just a case of exceptionally bad timing and to blame SoS or the PM is ridiculous.
  8. If the 'Touchy' refers to me, it not being touchy, it's that the BBC have taken a NON story and twisted it. This happens to hundreds every day so why pick on this one.
  9. I never said the SoS had anything to do with it K640, i simply suggested that more care needed to be taken during the decisions process at DWP. No reference was made by me to teh SoS at all
  10. The article on page 7 of todays Telegraph under " Mothers benefits cut over death payment" states The Secretary of state wants to pass on his sincere apologise to Mrs Aldridge and will be writing to her personally. He is incharge of the DWP!!!!
  11. Scouse_Castaway I was talking about the reference to the SoS in the title of the thread that Scouse (not you, the other one) posted and Seaweed's reference to the PM.

    To avoid further confusion I propose a cull of Scousers. This may also reduce the crime rate. ;)
  12. Fair enough, I haven't read that but again how is it the SoS's fault that her benefits have been cut or that she found out about it on 11th November? I'm still unsure in what way SoS has been 'not very bright'.

    As NMC said, despite how upsetting it's been for Mrs Aldridge (and she has my fullest sympathies) this is a non-story.
  13. My may have a plan there.........I suggest a select cull centered around Birkenhead and Goodison Park. Those areas wont be missed. Would free up alot of the money that goes in benefits
  14. As the woman is living on benefits paid for by those who pay taxes it is only fitting that any money which comes into her possession from any source be used to fund her daily living requirements.
    Sadly she has lost her son, and the government has paid £66000 in compensation. Now the question is would the son have been seen as a provider for her if he had lived, well though I have in the past helped my dear old mum out she has never had anywhere near that figure from me.
    No the cash is hers and the saving to the taxpayer is ours.
    Now she suffers with Hypermobility Syndrome, see here:
    I would like to know why it is she can spend time working for her charity but is completely unable to carry out any form of paid world.
    Sorry but there are too many pulling the sickness card in todays UK

    Edited to say, seems that she is fit enough to attempt a skydive:
  15. :lol:

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