'Not unusual' to walk around with todger out?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by mad_collie, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Interesting bit in the local rag from Cornwall

    Sex claim
  2. Thanks Matey,

    That gave me a laugh for a Wednesday - got any more ?
  3. Of course, Culdrose is famous for its choppers!
  4. Indeed, there was someone who went to the Army Navy match in a dress with nothing underneath and wandered the rows lifting his dress to ladies and showing them his assets!
  5. When we did PT & games at school we wore short shorts and nothing underneath, and during adolescence todger had an embarassing tendency to appear, especially in the scrum during rugger and whilst doing squat thrusts in the gym! :oops: So it really can happen accidentally Rosina - though in this case I suspect that the word 'accidental' would be an inappropriate word to use.
  6. A WAFU with a Todger THAT HAS GOT TO BE A FIRST >>>>Mind you if the girl came from CAMBORNE she had probably seen quite a few >>>>
  7. Best zip up then before enetring the Rose and Crown in Fareham. Don't want Rosinas legal eagles on my case
  8. I'm sure you soo want to worry about the girls having a good laugh at your assets!
  9. When they look at mine they go into hysterics, and when guys laugh i just say whats the matter doesn`t yours shrink in the cold.

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