Not sure what to call this, but.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Zebraaa, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. This board makes me laugh - having only found it via a google search for 'pubic admin '( was checking my approach was standard), it has been the gift that just keeps giving. Incidentally, this is my first Saturday alone in months and I am bored rigid (as a lady, not literally). Thank you.
  2. If only the smell of piss a misery could permeate the internetzz! You would get the full effect.
  3. So very true...can cast my mind back to working on the geriatric ward and subsequent incontinence fun, though
  4. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    This site is full of geriatrics and smells of piss. I'm only here because i'm an internet bully and get off on it.

    Welcome aboard.
  5. Welcome aboard, ignore the pongo, they don't know how to treat a lady (legally).

    Any phots??
  6. Can we swap photos?

    p.s. I wash quite frequently. I also own a change of clothes for when the other set is in the laundry.
  7. Photos? Of pissed stained pensioners? I thought you were all sick bastards, but surely that's not something for the wank
  8. I don't want your pic for my wank bank.
    I wouldn't mind a pair of your knickers though as unlike TeeCeeCee when mine are in the dhoby bucket I am left starkers as I am black and poor.
    I am rigged like a three badge donkey though, although I don't usually brag in front of the white trash on here as they get very jiggy about it.:laughing2:
  9. We are brothers in arms. This place makes me feel big hard and clever because in reality I'm a withered recluse who wanks incessantly to Whigfield videos and am scared of human contact.
  10. You just using them big words to cut me out you nasty bastard. I hate you golly wogs you just aint natrual like us normal ones.
  11. The truth will out........
  12. Not always, I'm still free whiteman.
  13. Wasn't Free Whiteman a Blues singer............
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Did I mention I'm also ginger and not even in the RN. I own a poodle parlour in Crawley which is actually a cover up for fencing shat underwear.
  16. Do you need any placments for volunteer work ginge, I am trying to avoid poundland.
  17. Come on down you can never have too many pairs of scuffed tanga briefs in stock.
  18. Hey babe... I'll have less of the 'pensioner' slander if you please. I'm young(er) and virile(er) and can hold my own where the opposite sex is concerned >sigh<.

    The rest of the post hit the mark! :)
  19. Sorry to jump off the back of a chat but how the hell Do you create your own? Have replied to a few things but want to start my own forum and can't find where! Any help please x
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Come here dear Jenny. Sit on my lap whilst I edumacate you.

    Top of the page there is a load of thingies Home/forums/last 50/blogs/ etc. Click on Forums.

    This then should give you a list of the Forums. Current affairs/diamond lils/history/Corps/Submariners etc.

    Click on the forum you want to post on, that'll then pop up another page listing all the topics/threads in that forum. At the top of the list is forum rules/stickies etc. Directley above that you'll see a little box with "Post new topic" or something similar on it, click that.

    You'll now have a new page, type in the thread heading, then post what ever you want (within the different forums rules)

    Have a go, practice if you like with a thread you might want to call "Blobbs...the handsome and helpful mod" :)

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