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Chopper scam Sunderland fan foiled by hawk-eyed wife

Published Date: 16 October 2008
Sunderland fan Malcolm Robinson came a chopper cropper after a pie in the sky ruse to watch his team.
The 29-year-old told his wife Angela that he was hitching a free lift in an RAF Chinook after she baulked at the cost of a flight to Jersey to watch the Black Cats reserves.

But that was a fib and the Senior Aircraftsman - originally from Fulwell but now based in Wiltshire - took a regular flight from Gatwick to the game.

To provide "evidence" of the bogus helicopter journey, he made a detour to RAF Odiham on the way home to have his photo taken beside a Chinook to fool his sweetheart.

But the cunning plan failed and Malcolm - who wrote the book From Afghanistan To Temazepam, The Diary Of An SAFC Foot Soldier - was found out and is now in the doghouse with Angela, 29.

"I made a schoolboy error," he admitted to the Echo.

"I took out a cash withdrawal at Gatwick and this appeared on the statement she printed yesterday, so she's not speaking to me at the moment.

"Hopefully she will come round in time to go to Fulham on Saturday though."

As I remember it, the Chinny staged via Gatwick to pick up some stores for CATTISTOCK. It would have made good sense for SAC Robinson to use the gash time at Gatwick to attend to some personal admin; which is clearly what he must have done.

Did he get so p**sed that he can't remember?

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