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Maybe the bear had cramp? Hilarious. I haven't laughed so much since i read that one of Sigfried & Roy (those Las Vegas idiots) got mauled by one of his own tigers.
off_les_aura said:

"It is not clear what caused the attack."

Fcuking bear is on fcuking ice-skates and he doesn't want to be. That's what caused the attack!!!


I had similar thoughts!


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They had been torturing the bear for years probably, with this sh1t, so it's about time the bear got some payback! Pity it was short-lived! (literally! :) )
Likewise I thought payback time you tawt.

And over here we have the morons going to see the grand Australian Circus. The poster shows a elephant and a tart sat on its back. Since when did we have elephants in Australia? I know about the wild camels that they have decided to cull.

Yes the grand Australian Circus owned by a German family and stationed permanently in Ireland. When questioned by the trades description people he said he had a cousin living in Australia?

Two poor elephants chained all day released just for the performance. Disgusting!!!

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