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Not So Common knowledge


War Hero
Hubs recons that Gordon Ramsey was more famous in another job...
any guesses....
(i have not heard this before...!!!) :afro:


Lantern Swinger
The f'in f'er only wants to buy Greenock Morton, doesn't he? And he appears in the blood transfusion ad in a footie and white hoops.
ex_wasp_L2 said:
Trooped_Again said:
Nutty said:
Lamri said:
rod-gearing said:

At Glasgow ;)

They have footballers in Glasgow I thought their major teams were Rangers and Celtic hardly adds up to football. Even MK Dons could take them.


The mighty Killie!!!!

Do you mean Killiekrankie?

Please considered yourself theatrically snubbed, nose up, eyes down, big sighs, the lot.



War Hero
What and where did the ORIGINAL meaning of the ""V"" sign come from... to put in context............. what does it mean to flick someone the V..???


Book Reviewer
Not that boring old archery question again V V V V V V V :bball: :rendeer: :dwarf: :thumright: :thumright:


War Hero
janner said:
Not that boring old archery question again V V V V V V V :bball: :rendeer: :dwarf: :thumright: :thumright:

oooooooooooooo check you out...... well done,,, lolly pop for you...
since you answered,,its your turn to come up with a question """SMART ARSE""""...................LOL


War Hero
Book Reviewer
V-sign - uniquely British - said to originate sometime around the Battle of Agincourt (1415). Frogs used to chop two fingers off captured archers thereby inactivating them. V-sign says I've still got my fingers. Conveniently and economically also conveys 'Up Yours'.
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