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As a commentator pointed out last night, they were NOT at a funeral, they were at a memorial service and that Mandela would have probably seen the "selfie" as a bit of fun. I think the real eye opener was the crowd booing their President.
Reminds me of a film.....
"I know what I could do. F*** the DJ lark. You know on TV,you got a little ugly bird...bottom right-hand corner, doing all this business? I could do that.I could be a cool one. A cool little F***er in the corner of the box. I could. Think positively. Yeah. "Are you going down to Pacha tonight?", "Oh, no, mate. No, I'm staying in because Frankie Wilde's at the right-hand bottom corner of the TV tonight doing the f***ing hand jive. It'll be brilliant."
No no I thought it was one of the least outrageous things I have ever seen.
I'm really talking about the tabloid over reaction to the 'selfie' not my own.
My personal opinion? It was supposed to be a celebration not a funeral.

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Typical isn't it?

You get a bloke with balls of steel and a cracking sense of humour, who talks more sense than any politician and they start whining just because he's a bit schizophrenic.
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