Not RN/RM - Challenger Tank Breached by IED

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ukdaytona, Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Not surprised at this one. Hezb'allah took out Merkava IV MBT's in Lebanon using Explosive Formed Penetrators and in Iraq the US has already lost several Abrams to the same type of IED. Prayers for the driver and his family.

  2. Pity it doesnt rate a mention on the MoD / Army web sites :cry:
  3. I wonder where they are getting the technology to make these devices from?
    Shaped charges and explosively formed penetrators arn't the eaisest things to make or get to function .
  4. Hollow charge explosives have been around quite a while . The IED sounds like a updated anti tank weapon thats concealed and then fired remotely by a radio signal or trip wire/pressure switch or similar.

    Not very nice anyway usually sprays molten metal around the tank interior.
  5. Russia,Iran,China,North Korea,take your pick.
  6. Easier than you imagine Mops. The Iraqis don't need any outside help on this one. There was a factory found in Iraq a couple of weeks ago making sophisticated copper EFP's and all the materials needed are commonplace there. The conical shaped-charge will focus the energy [Munroe Effect] and the copper dome will provide the plasma jet. Hardest part of this type of IED will be the trigger and it looks like they have this well understood.

  7. I understand the oil industry uses them extensively. Has there been a stock take on Iraqi fields lately?
  8. The Iraqi oil industry is in as bad a shape as the rest of Iraq and I would be surprised if they could find anything smaller than an oil-field in their stock inventories. The explosives usually used in onshore oil production are not the same as are being used in EFP/IED technology but the techniques for building shaped charges and EFP's are really well understood and not difficult to fabricate. Without going into details an EFP could be made with some sheet copper, tin-snips and a ballpeen hammer although machining one from a solid copper ingot would be better.

  9. Looks like Iran again behind this,like they've been behind numerous terrorist attacks in Southern Iraq and were behind the Israelli Hezbollah war last year.Along with their Nuclear programme they're basically taking the p**s out of the West and there's nothing we can do about it.
    I'm waiting next year sometime for PM Brown to come back from Tehran waving a piece of paper saying peace in our time,exactly 70 years after Chamberlain did the same thing!!
  10. The guy in charge in Iran is asking for talks with the USA as quoted on tonights MSN news.
    So you never know--- there might be paper waving in the future but possibly not diplomatic content.

    More like the good ole US in god we trust dollar notes--in suitable numbers.

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