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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by john2, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I was discharged from the navy in November last year and i was told that i was not recommended for further naval training, any i was been in contact with the afco as i did not want to leave and i want to go back i was told to write to the local recruitment manager which i did and i am now told to re-apply as a re-entrant, Is this good news or still might not go through? And the other problem is that my discharge papers were ruined in a garage flood can i get a copy anywhere???
  2. As you were told by the UPO staff when you were discharged, your certificate of discharge cannot be re-issued. Plus, if you were recommended unfit for further naval service then I wouldn't hold out too much hope if I were you. By all means give it a go though.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Those Discharged Unsuitable During Training (DUDT) and/or "Not recommended further service" perhaps don't quite appreciate the significance of the phraseology.

    Anyone discharged under this category will have been given a series of warnings prior to dismissal. Upon discharge they will have signed a form to state they understand the reason for discharge and accept the circumstances.

    Sometimes I feel we pussyfoot around in pursuit of political correctness and should perhaps just use a bloody great rubber stamp, ink it, and leave the word "Sacked" in bold letters across the forehead for later reference, if required.

    That said, there's nothing stopping an individual submitting an application, if they so wish.

    Those who "lose" their discharge documentation download the MOD Subject Access Form, complete it, submit it to the indicated address:
  4. I wasn't given any warning and can't remember signing anything I was discharged because I found out I had a CCJ I did not declare but now I have all of the sorted I have written to the area recruitment manager and have now been told to put in an application
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Another admin vortex for the AFCO staff to rejoice over.

    Try the RAF this time, they're lovely, they'll pour oil over the turbulent waves of your past.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Failing to disclose, usually means the individual is discharged for making a fraudulent application. A CCJ is usually given for unpaid debt after a series of default notices.

    "Not recommended further service" usually means just that, but again there's nothing stopping you making an application.
  7. So you were discharged and not fit for further training because you did not declare a county court judgment?
    If you re apply you will need to ask the recruiters does CCJ, you did not declare, hid, possibly lied about preclude your re-entry?
    Then look very closely at your hidden closet and see if you have anything else hidden in there, as you have now found out dishonesty in the RN does not pay and is not tolerated, because when the going gets tough in-service people around you need to know you can be trusted!
    If you get the green light you know the waiting lists are long so do not stupidly blow your chances, as the service will do full background checks on you. Be up front an honest, declare all, the service can tolerate miss fits but they need to know who you are and to assess are you to big a risk.

    edited Wet Blobby also had a good comment one of the other services may take you
  8. Yeah I didn't realise I had it until I was made aware whilst at Raleigh so i went to the staff for help and that was the outcome but I didn't want to leave and will do anything to get back in.
  9. I just wonder about what part of "not recommended for further naval training" you don't understand.
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  10. I didn't say I needed a new job I have a well paid job and have gained diplomas im just not doing what I wanted to do.

  11. Oh. .
  12. If you have moved from an address where a county court order was made, it is possible, very possible not to be aware of it for quite a considerable period. It depends on how active in pursuit the person applying for said order is in enforcing it.
    My son resided in York at an address between certain dates. 4 months there in total.
    He shared the address with three other people, two poles and a Ukrainian girl. About two years later he received a CCJ from N power claiming he owed £300 for the electric account he held at the address and it covered periods of time he was not there.
    It took several months to get the order cancelled as it was fraudulent, but that is another story.
    The fact remains he had a CCJ without his knowledge for at least in excess of 18 months.
    He was hardly untraceable as he was a serving Police Officer.
    If you can prove that you had no knowledge of the debt it is not fraudulent to say you were debt free.
    ■You were not informed of the court case or given sufficient time to respond. It is up to the plaintiff to send the paperwork to the correct address (usually by recorded delivery to prove this) and you should be given at least 21 days to respond.
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  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    They just send the paperwork to the last known address and there is no need for proof of service. I speak from experience as Wessex Water slapped one on me from an old address and I spoke directly to the County Court asking how I could have findings against me without having had the chance to answer any claims. In the end WW admitted they were in the wrong and paid me a small amount of compensation, it could have been more if I had gone back to the County Court but I couldn't be arse'd.

    I had even informed them of my new address (still in their area) for the new connection.

    So it is very easy to be unaware of the CCJ. What you need to be is in a position to prove that you hadn't received it.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    It depends what the CCJ was for. If it was for a loan/overdraft/credit card that went unpaid, then it's difficult to prove you were unaware. If it was for utilities/council tax and you can prove it wasn't your fault etc., then generally once the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the creditor there may well be a case to apply to join.

    The term "Not recommended further service" is seldom proclaimed on a random whim, although I'd accept it could've been entered in error.

    Only one way to find out but, using the "Force", I'm pitching a random guess that personal admin may not be strong in this one, as losing one's discharge documentation in addition to acquiring an "unknown" CCJ doesn't bode too well, tbh.
  15. .

    Bit harsh. If I had a garage I'd keep all my important documentation in there. And credit cards. Probably cash as well.
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