Not paying for accommodation on base if married ?


I understand this is the case ?

I see now they have relaxed the rules so that people who have been in a long term relationship can now get married quarters, does this mean the same for paying for accommodation on base now aswell ? I.e if you’ve been in a long term relationship and have a family, would I not need to pay the accommodation charge ?

Any advice would be much appreciated


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Knowing the pusser you'll need lots of proof of the relationship, kids birth certificates with both your names on it/them, adoption paperwork if not the biological parent etc.


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Nothing has changed in this regard. As a divorced man, who provides financial support to my ex-wife in the form of mortgage payments and child maintenance and has my own house up North with my current long haired Admiral, because we aren't married yet, I still pay accommodation. It sucks, but there it is. Them is the rules and unlikely to change. You are either Married and don't pay, or not married (even though you should still get it) and pay it.

I believe the relaxation you allude to above, is the current trial ongoing that will allocate surplus accommodation to those in long term relationships. This isn't mainstream yet and is only happening in three bases from Sep 2019 (the RN get HMNB Clyde). Below is a excerpt:

"A series of new initiatives, aimed at modernising the living and working arrangements for armed forces personnel will be launched today, announced Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson.

These new measures, including new flexible working arrangements, expanded accommodation options and new co-habitation rules are designed to modernise the Armed Forces and ensure the military remains a competitive employer that meets the changing needs and expectations of service personnel and their families.
As of today (April 1st) Regular personnel can apply for Flexible Service, allowing them to work part-time for a defined period, and giving them the option to restrict the amount of time they would spend away from their home and their families, such as by limiting their deployability.
A new pilot scheme is to be launched that will give service personnel more choice in their accommodation, allowing them to rent homes off base, potentially with partners, friends, or military colleagues, rather than living on site.

From September 2019, the new pilot for the Future Accommodation Model (FAM) will be rolled out to three military bases, starting with HMNB Clyde. The pilot, which will last for approximately three years, will also be established at Aldershot Garrison and RAF Wittering in 2020, ensuring the new policy is keeping pace with changing requirements and 21st century expectations, while also gathering evidence to inform future decisions.
The FAM will provide more choice to service personnel regarding where and with whom they live, making use of the private rental sector, alongside existing options. This means personnel will be able to live near their children’s school or their partner’s work place, if they choose, and their rent will be in line with the equivalent type of SFA.
Personnel are already supported by the Forces Help to Buy scheme which offers the opportunity to borrow up to 50% of their salary for a deposit, interest free. Currently, nearly 17,000 personnel have benefited from some £255m of loans.
Under FAM, entitlement to SFA will no longer be allocated according to the rank of individuals, but will instead focus on the size of the family, promoting fairness and ensuring homes are fit for purpose

Finally, new policy is being introduced to allow couples in long-term relationships, including same sex couples, to live together in surplus Service Family Accommodation (SFA), subject to availability. Currently only married couples, those in civil partnerships, and those with legally dependent children can live in SFA.

The MOD has taken steps to broaden access to Service Family Accommodation (SFA) by amending current accommodation policy. From today, all service personnel, who have more than four years’ service in the armed forces and who are in a long-term relationship or have residential responsibility for a child will be able to apply to live together in surplus SFA at all UK bases where properties are available. This important change in policy to allow cohabitation will benefit all services and all ranks. "

Hope this clears things up?

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