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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by finknottle, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. I see there are a few threads beginning with the title 'marines'. We are not any old marines but Royal Marines, posters please bare this fact in mind when compiling your thread titles, thank you.
  2. OK bootneck
  3. You after a bite shippers? :eek: Royal Marine indeed. A bootneck's a bootneck, but when your friendly to Jack, well then, it's Royal. Live with it.
  4. Why not THE royal marines?
  5. Why not Cabbage Head?
  6. Royal Regiment of Rock Apes,that has a nice ring to it,dont you think hig?
  7. So why is a booty under the rank of Lance Corporal simply called 'Marine Smith, Jones, snodgrass etc'? I can see a lot of people getting a bollocking over this, starting with CGRM. Could be worse, could be calling you all 'Percy'.
  8. The Green Mean Machine
  9. Her Majesties Nautical Infantry!
  10. His name was Camouflage
  11. PMSL,he was a big marine!
  12. Higgy, you can be right upsetting when you want to be. Tut friggin tut. :lol:
  13. I do believe that it would be practical to explain 'Percy' to someone who believes that he is a 'Royal', don't you think? :lol:
  14. I take it that was a typo and you meant Royal Machine, as in the Enfield Bullet, ie long gone. :lol:
  15. Come on now finknottle if you have been in long enough now you would know, that you have broken one of the golden rules don’t ask or tell jack to do something because he will do the opposite, and before you say dare or you won’t he most defiantly will!
  16. andym wrote: Her Majesties Nautical Infantry!

    Brave man andy; accurate though. The Royals tend to forget they work for us.

  17. Work alongside quite possibly, work for? I don`t think so..................."Grey Funnel cabs?" Yes Royal.................."take me to the trouble spot, thank you"

  18. Tis ok, we all know that you naughty little Matloets are more likely to sit down, shut up and wind your neck in when Royal is about.

    Your our taxi service and mobile artillery wallah's.

    Now be quite up back.
  19. Perhaps you are right, if the Marines did their duty, as they used to do in the days of sail, ie, shoot the twatts for misbehaving, then they might get some discipline back in the RN.
  20. They might be called marines in the UK, but blokes who go ashore in dresses here are called Ladyboys

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