Not much of a draft!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dustyjack, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Looks like a Great Draft, Private Beach etc, Hard lying Money, cant go wrong.
  2. mmmmm, sea views too !!
  3. Nope, but it looks a hell of lot like the Falkland Islands, ECMP or Mount Unpleasant.
  4. Nope, none of the above - after a quick Google, it is actually

    Near loch Ewe....apparently
  5. I would have loved that draft as I could have gone on weekend to visit me family most weekends from there
  6. Altbea was a rather pleasant spot on the shore of Loch Ewe not far from the Subtropical Poolewe Gardens. In my day there was a couple of fleet tenders there and a very minimal shore staff to look after the place and the Nato Fueling Jetty at the head of the loch. Good fishing country, plenty of hills an awful lot of midges in the summer but no snow in winter.

    Can think of worse places, spent my first honeymoon not far away from there.
  7. My grandfather was incharge of building the fuelling tanks, he has very fond memories of Altbea, or AULT BAY as he called it.
  8. Is it still in use?
  9. opsec.
  10. :lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah, got to be careful they don't blow that Portacabin up. The security staff will be the ones hiding just out of sight over that ridge then!
  11. I think that the photo is of Mellon Charles just a couple of miles round loch from Aultbea. The boom depot was at Mellon Charles.
    Every year we used to do boom exersises in Loch Ewe.
    We used to tie up to the jetty in Aultbea at night.
    There was only 2 pubs within about 10 miles. One was the Aultbea Hotel and the other the Drumchorch Lodge.
    Mail and daily papers didn't arrive until the evening when the once a day bus came back from Achnasheen. Sunday papers didn't arrive until Monday night.
    The Bank of Scotland was a wooden shed at the side of the road, it opened one forenoon a week.
    The village doctor marched up and down his garden every night playing his bagpipes.
    When they held dances ashore in the village hall they used to search you at the door for a bottle. If you didn't have one they would send you back to the hotel to get one.
  12. feck ! thought it was seafield park !
  13. Looks very nice. Do you need a civvy webbing blancoer to help you maintain your kit? Can I have my own hammock?
  14. Laymoor + 9 Bar boats and 2 MFVs alongside Aultbea jetty 1962[​IMG]
  15. Spent many a week at Aultbea when I had a shore job with NEMT(N), always packed a good stash of books in the truck mind you, not a great deal to do there.

  16. I spent 2 weeks there supporting the MCMVs playing in JMC a dozen or so years ago. I assure you it did snow then!

    Incidentally another local 'attraction' is Gruinyard Island (better known as Anthrax Island).
  17. Bloody hell, there are more ships there than you will see in Guz dockyard today!
  18. Loch Ewe became the main base for the Home Fleet after Gunther Prien in U47 sunk the Royal Oak in Scapa Flow.

    In 2001 I visited the place loads of old military artifacts scattered about. I think NATO still have a fuel depot there. Not a place most matelots would like to be drafted to. Miles from anywhere, no services and difficult to access.


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