Not Me Chief what a length

This clown puts pathetic comments about Ian Molyneux getting shot, then blocks people looking at his thread when they slag him off. All this wanker seems to do is post pathetic prick like posts. NMC fuck off back under which ever rock you crawled out from.
Ah, very interesting! See my thread 'Access denied'.

Can someone REALY do that? So if someone rattles my cage by posting something I don't like, then I can stop them being part of the ongoing debate?

Bit sad - (NMC) 'does not play well with others'
Well, fighting sneaky with sneaky, I have just logged out, to see if I could view the thread. No is the answer, 'cos it looks like it has been pulled.

Good, because even if what NMC had posted was the result of a drink and drug fuelled Saturday night, he should have dwelt a pause of two marching paces before posting such puerile and offensive drivel.

I truly hope it was not viewed by any friends or family of the deceased.


you fuckin love me really
Nope. No-one does. And I suspect that's why you cry for help here. We know you just want to enjoy human interaction. It must be hard for such an abject failure. You have my sympathy.

I am looking forward to watching this downward spiral of self loathing and mental erosion continue.
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