Not long to go now!!

sgtpepperband said:
No need son i'm 6 foot. Although the wife is 6'1" so it can be a bit annoying at times.

Back to the point and something I will raise in the children in need thread, in the immortal words of Bob-fcukface Geldof

"Gimme your fcukin money"

Definitive enough for you all!! :D :twisted:

Many thanks to SARKING for his £10 donation. Much appreciated.

Come on folks people are complaining that people aren't doing enough for their armed forces. I want to change peoples attitudes by doing something constructive for those people who need our help and support!!
X.R.D I'm running this too mate. Trying to donate, but at work at the moment and the paypal thing keeps seeing me off!

I'll donate when I finish, good luck and I'll probably see you around on Sunday.

P.s I'm the George Clooney lookalike!
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