Not heard anything for ages, have I been forgotten about?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Hunloin, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Hi all I don't post much on the forums but I've been a member for a while and come on quite regular for a read. I originally sat my recruit test in January 2009 then in April 2009 I had an interview but failed because mine and my partners outgoing expenses were more than what I would earn while training at Raleigh. Our rent was £700 a month on it's own add the bills and food etc and it was over £1100 a month. She didn't work as we had a young baby plus her daughter so I paid for everything. On that I was turned down basically :(. Fast forward 2010 and we had split up so I reapplied in the September, I spoke to the same CA and explained what had happened and he asked me to fill out the forms again and seemed really upbeat. Thing is I've not heard anything at all, should I go down my local AFCO? I don't want to piss people there off by seeming impatient or anything, for all I know they might get a hundred people a day asking the same question. Is it likely tho that I've been forgotten about or should I have heard something by now?
  2. Impatient or Eager? ;) anyway yeah pop down or give them a call shouldn't do any harm.
  3. What do you think you should do? - Silly question! You've asked us!

    YES go down, only they can answer important questions like this.:slow:
  4. I definitely think that you need to call them. How many times have you sat the RT by the way and when was the last time?
  5. I've sat the RT 3 times, passed each time. The last time I sat it was in January 2009
  6. Why three times?
  7. I applied the first time straight from school in 1997 passed the RT, passed the interview but failed the medical. My own honesty shot me in the foot that time, there was a question on the medical "Bedwetting since the age of 12" I ticked it because I had done a few times after a night drinking heavily at parties. The doctor asked me when the bedwetting had last happened and I told him a few weeks previously (I didn't mention it would have been a result of being plastered) and that was the end of that. I applied again in 2003 and passed the RT for the second time but didn't go through with the rest of my application at that time due to quite a few family problems that came up. The third time I completed the RT was in January 2009.
  8. You definitely need to speak to one of the Careers Advisors at the AFCO.

    I'm a bit worried that you did your RT at the beginning of 2009 as this means that you no longer have a valid RT score.

    Best advice is to ring the AFCO (023 928 26536) first thing on Monday and ask your CA for guidance. Definitely.
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  9. Thanks for the advice and the number soleil, I'll phone first thing Monday morning.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Assuming you completed the forms & submitted a fresh application in September 2010, as advised, it seems rather belated to enquire one and a half years later, having not though to confirm your new application was being processed.

    The recruiting test is valid 3 years, under normal circumstances a resit is only permitted once. There are only 3 versions of the test, so a fourth resit is not possible unless the test versions have changed since initially sitting the recruiting test in 1997

    If you have changed address &/or contact details in the interim & your AFCO were not advised of your updated details, then it is quite likely your application has been withdrawn, particularly if ithere's been three previously aborted attempts to join and it's effectively taken 15 years to get to this stage.
  11. In hindsight I should chased this up sooner, I can only cross my fingers now it seems after reading what Stoker has posted. Thanks for the replies though guys.
  12. Have you rung the AFCO?
  13. Yeah, gave them a ring this morning. My application is still on file as open, the lady I spoke to took my mobile number and said she would ask the CA who spoke to me last time to give me a ring.


    CA rang me back and explained that my application forms were never recieved, even though I handed them in at the AFCO in person. I'm a Postman and didn't want to leave it to chance so delivered them myself :/, because my RT expired last month and no forms are on file before then it's now too late and the door is well a truely shut for me. I'm currently kicking myself for not chasing this up sooner. Life goes on tho, thanks for the help I just wish I'd asked sooner.
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