not got raleigh date yet ; Seaman Specialist

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tissac_1991, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Since sitting my RT in June I have not heard anything from my AFCO. I have done my fitness, medical and interview so there is nothing left to do. I have been in to the AFCO twice and each time I was told I won't hear anything yet as the waiting list for SS has gone up to 16 months. When I had my interview in July he told me it was 11 months.
    So I should have a date for May but I have noticed other people have been told their date up to August. So if others have been told their date why havn't I?
  2. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    I had to wait about 2 months before i was told anything. Don't worry mate
  3. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    Yeah but its nearly been 6 months
  4. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    im going as warfare spec. still waiting for my date,got told march time,been since 6 weeks since i passed my PJFT,goin on the RNAC on Jan 19th
  5. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    You'll be told soon enough, don't get worked up over it.
  6. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    Don't worry unduly, mate. Did my PJFT in mid-October, but still not heard anything in regards to a start date, whereas others on this site joining the branch I've applied for have. Just the way it works - you'll get your confirmation in good time. Best of luck.
  7. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    No wonder the RN has a shortage of manpower when it fcuks about potential recruits like this.

    Hang in there guys.
  8. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    Calm Down, Calm Down,

    The waiting time for SS is currently 16 months, regardless of what it was in July. It is however, only a guide to how long you have to wait and it is not set in stone. When you come to the top of the list you should be allocated the next available entry date for your branch. SS do not join up every week and the entry pattern will dictate when that is. Perhaps there is a delay with your security clearance or they are waiting for your references to reply. Hang on in there. It is useful to keep in regular contact with your AFCO and perhaps mention that you will take a short notice entry if one becomes available - but only if you are in a position to do so.
  9. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    I first walked into the office about 3-4 months ago, I'm leaving for HMS Raleigh in 3 days.
  10. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    :whew: so is Boy George :bball:
  11. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    Who is Boy George?
  12. Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    i did my rt in january and passed the interview and the PJFT by march and went on a RNAC in july and i have not heard anything yet so thats 9months i phoned them up this week and was told it might march i get my date to raleigh so should here something in janaury and i am going in for ss
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: not got raleigh date yet ; SS

    As Drakey says, if you passed selection in June, then it's around 16 months from then. Raleigh stops training in August, so possibly you maybe looking at a November 09 entry.

    Joining dates are allocated roughly a term ahead, so you will probably be notified between Easter & June 09 if the wait remains constant for Seaman Specialist.

    The alternative is to maybe consider different jobs &, if needs be, re-sitting the Recruiting Test to improve your score & increase the range of jobs available.
  14. If you went SSN you might get in quicker too. Like I said, 3-4 months from walking through the door to leaving for Raleigh (2 days now). I'm going to do SSM.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There are many trades which have shorter waiting times but submarine warfare trades require higher recruiting test scores because of the technical nature of submariner training.
  16. So basically the submarine service doesn't want the thickos :w00t:
  17. maybe but as I am female I cannot be a submariner. Not that I'd want to. I am not going to change my career choice just to get in quicker. I don't want to regret it later but 16 months is a long wait, so if it is going to be that long i'm just looking at it that I will be more prepared for Raleigh by means of fitness and ironing practise etc.
  18. Good girl stick to your choice and enjoy your future in the RN :thumright:
  19. Good mindset.
    PM me your address and I'll post you some shirts every week to practice on, easy on the starch though, eh! I'll critique your Ironing/folding (Shirts to be folded, once ironed using the Radio Times or similar sized magazine as a template) style by return of post. :thumright:
    Seriously though fitness training, personal grooming (Polish your shoes daily as well for example) and keeping your room/flat spotless is good practice for what lies ahead.

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