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Hi all,
I am new here so apologies in advance.
What I need your assistance with is - being a budding author (as yet unpublished) I have some rather simple questions about life in the RN

first question - I have a main character that was in the RN and "never went to sea" is this possible?
or "avoided going to sea when ever possible" is this possible? well how many days did he do at sea then?

of course I am asking you to add additional info to help me understand and hopefully not add to the masses of mis-information that exist out there already

thank you
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I know of an MA who did 8 years and never went to sea and I had the displeasure of serving with more than one sea shy scrote, there are welfare warriors and sickbay rangers who'll pull out all the stops to stay inboard.

So in answer to your double question yes and yes.
Lightvessel, you might want to change writer to author, as Writer (was)is a Naval Rating belonging to the Writers Banch and you would not want to confuse anyone
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I was in Faslane in '82 when drafty was looking for bodies. Can't give details, but the Barrack Stanchions were giving a fantastic headless chicken impersonation.
One guy drafted was reputed as never having been to sea for 14 years. (only a buzz, mind)
I was an MA for 8 years and never went to sea(apart from the IOW ferry)It wasnt an active effort to dodge seatime,it just worked out that way.
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