Not for the faint hearted

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Drakey, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. :eek:mfg:
  2. I found it utterly fascinating. It really took me back to the good old days! There's nothing like the smell of pus to give one an appetite!
  3. How about a pilonidal sinus on Kate Price? :wink:
  4. Our Doc C&%$$ A%^&% "Doctor Death"would have sucked it out just to make sure it was cleaned out and to make every one watching puke :roll:
  5. I worked in a slaughter house after leavung the mob, we got aa cow in one day that had broken its leg. As it wasn't fit for human comsumption. The said leg was removed & it had a massive hematoma, for a joke one of the lads decided to "pop" it.

    It cleared a 2 story building with in a minute with just about everyone chucking up it was the worst smell I have ever come across & that includes Paddy O'Sullivans feet! (Ex-chockhead)
  6. Go well on a piece of toast i reckon!!!
  7. Ah yes!! The Sickbayman of old was a joy to know, but an even bigger joy to forget!
  8. Very interesting. I'd never realised you could get so much butter from a man's back. I was expecting something grusome, not entertaining :twisted:

    As for the smell of freshly milked pussy, it doesn't interest me in the slightest. In fact, that really IS something revolting....
  9. Come to think of it that could be the back of Billymodo (Quasis brother) the other Doc.
  10. That reminds me. Must get some more mayo in.
  11. Had something similar on my elbow when at Fisgard, a few trips to sickbay some squeezing and anti biotics job done.
  12. Its good to keep and use a lubricant so ive heard.
  13. Had an abcess (absess?)(Abbcess?).....f***ing big painful thing
    growing in me gob when on patrol once. The LMA wanted to
    attack it with a scalpel - I declined his polite offer and continued
    scoffing vast quantities of Paracetamol. After a few days and
    nights with an agonising face and gums the size of a female
    hippos p*ss flaps...I adjourned to the JR's Heads'n'Bathrooms
    and stuck the friggin' thing with the safety pin from my Nuclear
    Film Badge. Dropped film badge in sink and delved in mush with
    fingers and s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d and screamed simultaneously.

    Several litres of honking dull yellow pus....tinged with just a hint
    of "O" negative sprayed over the mirror above the sink and I
    vommed my ring up in the sink just to make matters worse.

    Cleaned up - washed face, gargled with a gallon of salt water
    and went bank to me bunk.

    The relief I felt was better than I could possibly describe.

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