Not fcuking PC- dont care!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. OK- its friday- 1700--

    I am pissed off to the back teeth with getting slagged down for being a wren-- or ex wren as it now is!!

    Have spent the afternoon with a bunch of civvies- and all they did was crucify navy girls for being slappers - and it seems the norm- wrens are a joke-- well im bloody sorry but i do not think i am / was a joke - i am sick of being treated like a slapper - i do / did a job i loved - not to nick someones fella or get a shag to get promotion - if i wanted fame id go on big bloody brother - or get my boobs out for the sun!!

    what right do people have to slag down girls/women who want to forge a career - if men cant hack it - leave or grow up and deal with it.
  2. Probably jealousy of those who have not had the pleasure of a gorgeous young Jenny, such as yourself, and live in hope of the day that it may come; but because they are obviously arseholes they will never come up to your high standards.

    Tell them to go fuck themselves, get a life, grown up - AND STOP PISSING YOU OFF.

    Cheer up and dont let it ruin your weekend babe - with eyes as gorgeous as yours, you should be happy and smiling and not letting those pricks get to you.

    There - feel better now - councelling sessions always free on request.
  3. Come on mate, you've done your time enough in the mob not to let little people get to you!!
    Give them the reply they deserve, fuck all!
  4. I think alot of Civvies who slate both the male & female members of the RN are in alot of ways jealous of our chosen careers. I've no idea if you were sea-going or not but I've been under the impression before that they are very jealous of us being paid to go round the world (not always operationally) at the tax payers expense. They never have and never will share the same camaraderie that us matelots share, nor do they have the same priceless sense of humour or "one liners". The majority of civvies in their line of work have been shut up in the same office for years while WE again have changed job every 2/3 years in different locations and sometimes abroad. I'm male and still in the RN and work with mainly Civvies now in London, they do enjoy trying to slate the RN and our job, personally I just inform them that we're doing the same job and then ask them how much they earn! That normally does the trick.
  5. Rise above it BH they are simply not worth getting worked up about.
  6. Oh and then I ask them if they get FIA and London Pay and also a £2500 season ticket for the train paid for!!
  7. I find that just smiling at them and keeping your own counsel does`nt half wind the bastards up. [​IMG] Fuck `em
  8. Brazen, see my reply to you on Charzlo's 'Women' thread. :)
  9. :toilet: My experience of Jennies has always been a good one, in the Comms world I was privileged to have met some right good girls over the years, hard working, hard drinking, non-pc types who were good to have around. Mostly very professional, the Wraacs & Waafs were not a patch on a good WRO. For me, it all went wrong when Jennies started going to sea, as good as some of them were and thank God I had left by then, you have to admit there were some right old horror stories and of course, not a great advert for Jennies. I shall probably be flailed for that ! Chin up, give 'em shit, they simply haven't got a fckin clue have they. :tp: HB
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They're just jealous babe.
  11. I was on the Invince in Nov 90 as an LRO(G) when girls first went to sea. After the initial shock of them joining and getting used to a giggling scran queue for a week it was great. Once the novelty had gone of having them onboard they were sound. In the MCO they were fantastic, (The LWRO had her moments but she was thrown in at the deep end as an RIC) professional and worked alot harder than most of the lads. It wasn't trying to prove something either as it never stopped. The rest of the WRNS onboard were a good bunch too.
  12. :toilet: (Invince)
    I don't disagree with you at all, I'm glad you had a good time and some good experiences, I can only go by what I experienced and whenever we had a female onboard (Frigates), it was like flies around shit, the whole atmosphere onboard changed, but as I said ealier, I have the utmost respect for Jennies retired and serving, love 'em, especially when they used to wear a proper uniform ................ tackle and all ! HB
  13. Fair point, I went to sea with them on the Shef and the Cov but by then I'd gone to the dark side so they wern't in the office
  14. Brazenhussy

    When some misguided pratt at the admiralty decided that the Wrens vocation should be changed to aid recruitment he obviously didn`t either know or care what the repercussions would be for the wrens themselves….Until then they had been very feminine and carried out only feminine roles ….suddenly jack found that his female counterpart not only came to sea and stayed overnight but worked alongside him scrubbing the plates down the engine room …I was a hell of a culture shock and some have never recovered from it….
    You yourself were one of the first to enter into this new world of feminine equality that was thrust on jack …and you more than anyone know how the ships company reacted to you …some good ..some bad…all wary, as you were also wary of them.
    To have this millstone for 16 years takes a very Very special sort of person…..

    I just want you to know that whatever some ignorant chavs said is neither here or there ….the fact that you and others here served as ships company make you and yours equals in my eyes and you have earned something I don’t give people lightly….total respect.

  15. I know this may sound a little odd, but, if you did 16/17 years why not go for the 22 and get a pension?
  16. They are more to be pitied than scolded,jealousy is a terrible thing to suffer with!

    Non Illigetimus Carborundum
  17. Brazen most of them are a sad bunch of tossers who have never achieved anything in life and never will , loads of them where I work , I just pity them as they are the losers in life , :whax:
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Dr Johnson: Every man thinks less of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been to sea.
  19. Sod them doll - its mind over matter - if you dont mind they dont matter!!
  20. I know what you mean BH. Just rise above it, most of them probably couldn't hack it anyhow. Being an ex-wren and wifey to a serving matelot it still amazes me some of attitudes i come across to women in the RN, it was 16 years ago that women first went to sea, you'd have thought they'd be over it by now. I remember being a young jenny and getting abuse hurled at me by some of the wives when we lived on the patch. I had an argument with one of them and told her that a wedding ring did not make the fat ugly killick she was married to in any way attractive!!!!!!!

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