Not Even 7 Days No. Nines

Another non-story until the facts are established as to what exactly was in the documents but nonetheless an incredibly stupid thing for a Government Minister to do.
You have to wonder why he would ditch his gash in the local park where anyone could retrieve them rather than through the proper channels.This was not a one off but has been going on for sometime.He has given a half-arsed excuse about trying to keep down clutter in his office.I for one do not believe it.


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It's notjust about State security, its about the confidentiality between an MP and his constituents. If I wrote to my MP about something I might not, depending on the content, be too pleased if my letter later surfaced in public.

Presumably the Mirror has retrieved much of what was dumped from the bin? Maybe it will be mining this resource for fun and games later on.


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This has got to be bollocks, I cannot see a minister of the crown sweeping up all the papers on his desk, taking a bimble around the park and ditching them in a bin. I'm not suggesting MP's aren't bone but, that's just dumb. Has someone stiched him up?
At no little expense to the public purse(i.e. the taxpayer) our MPs are provided with offices staff and expenses to run them.This numpty wants us all to believe that he decided on more than one occasion that these facillities were not good enough but the local park was ideal.Stuffing contituents letters in bins away from his office is on par with the idle postie who ditches his postbag full of letters because he can't be arsed to do his post round.I am still waiting to hear anything that looks or sounds like the truth as an explanation for Letwins stupid behaviour.

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