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Discussion in 'RFA' started by benyboy98, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. I have just contacted the RFA and asked for an application form and they said they need to see if I was eligible to join. They asked for my GCSE but I'm nearly 16 and half way through my GCSE which I haven't got. She said they can't send me an application form through until i have my results but I won't get them until August/September time. But if the process is so long and i need to be in education by September how are they recruiting people at 16. I need help because I need to be in six form or college but wanna join the RFA at 16

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  2. exJenny

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    You won't change the recruiting process. Concentrate on your exams, get your results and ring them then.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  3. But if the process takes long can they pull me out of six form if I get in

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  4. You have the power to move your life in whatever direction you want, if you were offered a place in the RFA midway through your sixth form then it's your decision to leave not the RFA's.

    The eligibility requirements for a cadetship are 5 GCSEs between grade A* and C with Bs in Maths, dual science or physics or chemistry and English language - you are not eligible to apply unless you have these, so right now you can't apply. Simple. So as exjenny says, work hard and focus on getting those grades, if you start your application at the end of August you may be able to start in the May intake at BRNC Dartmouth.
  5. When u say dual science do u mean both of physics and chemistry in core or just 1 and at what grade

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  6. I've quoted you the guidelines. I should imagine that'd be your exams at the end of year 11, so if you've done dual science you'd need a B but if you did separate sciences then a B in Chemistry or Physics would do. You would have to ring recruitment to confirm this but it would seem that single 'science' is what you cover in one year in year 10, would not be sufficient.
  7. If I rememeber correctly, you'll be either doing:

    Single science: If you are mentally handicapped you'll be doing this. You do simple exams worth 1 GCSE

    Dual science, 70% of everyone does this. It's worth two GCSE's but you get one grade.

    Triple science If you are brainy, more advanced questions but worth 3 GCSE's, with one overall grade.
  8. I'm not sure you're right about the triple science, pretty sure it's actually three separate subjects each with their own grade. Therefore possible to get different grades for each subject. Also pretty sure that the single science you refer too isn't enough to get on to the cadetship.
  9. Yeah, you're probably right.

    Spent most of my teenage years studying biology.

    Didn't get to do much practical, though.


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