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Not another RMR post...


Good Evening All, Long time lurker first time poster.

After what felt like a recruitment eternity (although actually quite quickly by all accounts - 9 months even with a medical appeal/ PMU!). I recently attested into the RNR as a general entry rating with all parts of the joining process completed - SC, eyesight, PJFT, final decision as medically fit etc. I am exceptionally proud to be able to begin training at my unit.

I was initially drawn to the Royal Navy some years ago by an interest in the RM and the ultimate goal of earning the green beret. I chose RNR over RMR due to concerns regarding my own basic level of fitness and in retrospect simply lacking self confidence/ worth.

Over the recruitment period a lot has happened including realising we only get one life, it’s not a rehearsal. Also I’m turning 30 soon and alot of military doors begin to close due to age.

In preparation for RNR, I’ve been doing the PRMC 12 week fitness training and found I’m actually better than I thought and feel I could POTENTIALLY pass PRMC/ RMBFT. This has hugely boosted my confidence.

Can I go to my unit and request I am transferred to RMR at this extremely late stage although yet to undertake any training (understandably may need to redo the running test again). Or is it a case of suck it up mate, your ship has sailed, quit RNR, reapply?

If it were the case that I was found lacking in the RMR, would I simply return to the RNR? Or would I be discharged from RMR and need to reapply to the service all over again?

I understand that it seems I want to have my cake and eat it, but these are all hypothetical questions which will hopefully lead to a sound judgement.

Any advice or tough love welcome.


War Hero
1. Have you spoken to your RNR Whole Ship Co-Ord about this?
2. Have you spoken to the RMR unit to which you would transfer?


Thanks for the reply.

1. I am going to speak with him this week at drill night. I would have already via email instead of posting here first. However, I am actually also waiting for him to get back to me (on a unit admin query) and do not want to be seen as “one of those” by hounding him. He is also by good fortune a RM, so sure he will give a clear picture.

2. Subject to outcome of the above.
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